Upcoming Projects by Sirius Design


Sirius Design is the home and choice of luxury world bathroom projects. As the premier distributor of Japanese design bathrooms and technology. We work carefully with the project developers to provide Australia the most elegant bathroom designs and technology appliances to date.


Ritz Carlton Melbourne 

(Basic+ suites in all rooms, Neorest AH penthouses)

The Ritz Carlton Melbourne is a true world-class inner-city living and will be home in Melbourne in 2021. The project is carefully designed and crafted by Australia’s iconic developers and engineers to bring community and luxury together in the Melbourne city and beyond. Featuring 263 luxury hotel suites to gratify class and quality, guests will have the chance to enjoy Melbourne’s state of the art
bathrooms, views, and functions.

The opening of a new hotel will add unique urban experience and will feature Basic+suites in all rooms and the Neorest AH placed in penthouses bathrooms.

Neorest AH CS985
Avante CW822

Sandstones Patina Syndey

(Avanta wall hung suites & TCF611AT Washlets)

To the tune of $300 million, fast forward to 2020, Sydney will soon have a world-leading hotel in the centre of antiquity and history, Sandstones Patina. The project is a redevelopment and restoration of the heritage building and will be open to the public with more than 250 hotel rooms and suites. For many years, the building has been closed to the public, housing the few. Thanks to this stunning restoration development, guests will get to experience history first hand in style.

The hotel will hold pieces of Avante wall hung suites and Toto washlets (TCF6411AT).

Rosewood Hotel Brisbane

(Avante wall faced suites, Urbanique wall hung suites, Neorest AH suites)

Rosewood Hotel is a Brisbane destination across the skylines, the project is another exciting milestone in Brisbane modern history and is set to be ready for completion in late 2022.

The bathroom design construction will include the iconic Avante wall faced suites, Urbanique wall hung suites and Neorest AH suites.

MH Urbanique CW162
Neorest LE I CW994 LEII CW996
the muse

The Muse Residential Apartments  

(Neorest LE II, Neorest AH)

The Muse, Melbourne’s most exclusive apartment in Australia to date, it worlds double-height ceilings, gold plates to controlled smart toilets, it indulges at every level of sophistication and luxury. The Muse embodies fine details oozing with charm and extravagance.

The Muse has taken everything in and one step further to be…..expensive, yet most exclusive apartment in all of Melbourne. It will be built in with Japanese toilets Neorest LE II and Neorest AH. Injecting a level of future and Upper East Side of Manhattan and tranquillity.

The Neorest LE II and Neorest AH are deemed the most luxurious toilet in the world. Japanese-made accessories and appliances, the thousand dollar bathroom beauty will feature self-cleaning, and automatic toilet lid and UV lights to decompose bacteria with front and rear washing jets and heated seats.

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