A full toilet suite includes:

  • CW522EME5AUNW1
    are Shape Wall Hung Closet Bowl (PTrap) with Concealed feature, hiding all wiring inside the bow
  • TCF797C2AT

  • CEFIONTECT Technology: super smooth,
    ion barrier glazing for a clean toilet bowl
    TORNADO FLUSH for powerful flushing
    with less amount of water
    RIMLESS DESIGN bowl ensures easy
    cleaning and ultimate hygiene
    EWATER+ keeps nozzle clean with
    sanitizing effect against bacteria
    Fully equipped with rear, front and
    oscillating & pulsating cleansing function
    Temperature control HEATED SEAT
    PREMIST a fine spray of mist making it
    difficult for dirt to adhere
    Soft closing seat and cover
    EWATER+ is made from tap water by
    electrolyzed chloride ion. After use, it
    returns back to ordinary state of water
    returns back to ordinary state of water



  1. CW522EME5AUNW1 TCF797C2AT


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