Completed Projects In The New 2020

Park Hyatt, Sydney

(TOTO Toilet & Washlet)

The minimalistic bathroom features a TOTO Toilet and Washlet to complement the overall luxurious and modern aesthetic of the bathroom. The uniquely sculpted design, high profile one-piece toilet and washlet brings a new level of quality, comfort, and maximum cleanliness to the Park Hyatt’s bathroom design.

The TOTO washlet provides hotel guests’ with an array of sophisticated features such as a heated seat with temperature control, motion-sensor auto lid opening, and closing and fully equipped with the rear, front, and oscillating cleansing functions. With an extended list of luxurious features, it is no wonder the TOTO toilet and washlet are the preferred choices for hotel bathrooms worldwide. With the emphasis on Japan, where the expectation for cleanliness is exceptionally high.

Although the washlets are not as common in Australia, the Park Hyatt Sydney proves that upgrading to these smart toilets and washlets is an excellent addition to any bathroom that lacks that modern and contemporary touch.


Metropolis Function Centre, South Bank

(Le Muse Toilets)

This classic and contemporary bathroom displays the Le Muse suite design. This modern, dual flush system is completely moulded to the wall giving the minimal appearance that is carried out through a playful mixture of rounded curves that make up the Le Muse toilet design. The clean and timeless appearance of the Le Muse instantly converted the Metropolis Function Centre bathrooms into a distinguished, ultra-modern interior.

Notably, the Le Muse toilets were installed with CeFIONtect technology, which equips the toilet with a super smooth ion barrier glazing intended to prevent debris build-up on the toilet surface.

This modern style toilet was instinctively the perfect choice to complement the luxurious yet corporate feel of the Metropolis Function Centre space.

Spirit Penthouse Apartments, Gold Coast

(Neorest AH Suites)

This ensuite makes an elegant first impression with the Neorest AH Suite, a luxurious toilet integrated with a washlet unit that demonstrates pure, streamlined looks combined with advanced engineering.

The Neorest AH Suite provides Spirits Surfers Paradise with the most sophisticated and modern technology, such as a sensor-activated toilet lid that automatically opens and closes, a heated seat, a retractable cleaning wand and a side night light to add a subtle illumination for night time usage.
The Neorest AH Suite features a rimless bowl finished in an extra smooth CeFIONtect technology glaze, a breakthrough that promotes better hygiene with stain-resistant technology. The Neorest AH automatically sprays electrolysed processed water (Ewater+), which has a sanitising effect and prevents bacteria growth, keeping the toilet bowl and nozzle squeaky clean.

With the installation of the Neorest AH suite, the bathroom screams sophisticated luxury, making the bathroom now a truly welcoming retreat.

Neorest AH Suites
Avante Suites & TCF6630AT

Waterfall Apartments, Sydney

(Avante Suites & TCF6630AT)

The Waterfall Apartments in Sydney needed a refresh in their bathroom design that complemented the contemporary aesthetic of the apartment building while offering innovative functions and space-saving solutions. The Avante suite presented as the ideal choice to match these requirements. The Avante suite offers a uniquely sculpted design, and low profile wall faced toilet. This skirted styling with concealed trapways makes cleaning exceptionally easy.

In addition to, the Washlet TCF6630AT was also installed during this bathroom re-vamp for Waterfalls Apartments. The round shape of the washlet is best suited to the Avante suite CW824. The combination of the washlet and Avante suite fully equips users with the conformable rear, front and oscillating cleansing features, adjustable warm air dryer, powerful auto deodoriser after every usage, and an adjustable seat bracket. The Avante suite, in addition to the washlet, gives the bathroom a modern and contemporary aesthetic, synonymous with the stylish exterior of Sydney’s Waterfall Apartments.

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